I'm Lynnsey, the one woman show behind Lionlady Photography. I'm based in Seattle but photograph weddings and engagements all over from California to NYC to Europe. I'll pretty much go anywhere and pride myself on my ability to get through airport security with super efficiency. It's always uncomfortable writing about yourself so I'm resorting to bullet points: 

1.  I grew up in Boise, Idaho and have lived in the Northwest my whole life. 

2.  I'm a proud dog mom. His name is Archie and he’s 120lbs of love. Yes, I use him as a pillow :)

3.  I'm learning to speak French and one day hope to speak German as well. 

4.  I'm a newlywed to my love Zachary as of August 2018. Ask me all the planning questions!

5.  I love getting to know all different kinds of people and learning about their backgrounds.

6.  I'm pretty much an open book and won't shy away from many topics of conversation.

7.  I'm on the never ending quest to have good hair after letting it air dry.

8.  I'm the risk taker in my relationship, and he keeps me safe :)