Big Ol' Travel Announcement



Iceland + France




Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic


Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland

I said I was going to make a big announcement earlier this year, and the time has come. For four months this Fall, I’ll be traveling Europe with my boyfriend Zach! I can’t wait to be on the road, and I’m super stoked to photograph people in some ridiculously beautiful locations.

We’ve had to push this back a few times for a variety of reasons, but we finally realized that extended travel will never be convenient. There will never be a perfect time to sell all your stuff, leave your cat with your parents (sorry Mom and Dad), and live out of a backpack. But I’m so ready. Beyond ready. T-minus two months until this whirlwind adventure begins!

Above is an outline of our itinerary. If you find yourself in the same region as us, send me a note! I’d love to meet up.

(the picture above was taken in Wicklow National Forest south of Dublin)