Frills and Thrills Seattle Editorial


My latest shoot is featured in the Beauty Issue of Elléments Magazine! Co-produced by the wonderful Alecia Lindsay who graciously carted all her studio equipment to my apartment. I ended up shooting with natural light from a window and Alecia worked with strobes. A link to her images will be here soon! For this set, we tried to use see-through fabrics that incorporated lace and tulle with each look building upon itself. The talented Shyn Midili worked her magic by creating five different looks on Megan in two hours. She’s also an amazing photographer. You also can view a short behind-the-scenes video on my Facebook page (links below)!

As always, if you have any questions about set-up, styling, camera settings, be sure to leave them in the comments! I love communicating with my readers.

Co-Producer: Alecia Lindsay Hair/Makeup Styling: Shyn Midili Model: Megan Barkley of TCM Models and Talent Behind-the-Scenes Footage: ONE & TWO