Surprise Proposal at Discovery Park

Ted reached out to me about his plan for a surprise proposal at Discovery Park and I was immediately down. His lovely fiancé is Jaclyn and she said yes immediately. There were many tears and hugs. This type of session is exactly why I love my job.

A lot happens behind the scenes for this type of proposal to be photographed. So here’s a quick guide to proposing while having a photographer there!

  1. Decide whether you want to meet the photographer beforehand. Most times, the photographer is hired for a “couples session” and then the proposal happens during. In this case, it was all a surprise and I had to act like a passerby before Ted proposed.

  2. Pick a location. If you want the photographer to be incognito pick a spot where people normally are so they don’t seem out of place. Discovery Park was a great choice because I could blend in and pop up when the proposal happened.

  3. Go out on a date beforehand and convince your partner to dress up nice. And then tell your photographer what you’re wearing so they can spot you easily.

  4. Have a game plan call with your photographer beforehand so you know where to stand and where the best light will be. They can also suggest best time of day!

  5. That’s it! Propose and be merry!

Congrats Ted + Jaclyn! It was so wonderful to capture this memory for you :)