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Seattle Adventure Engagement

Earlier this year, Joey and Katie joined me on an adventure to Lake Cushman, a beautiful little getaway just two hours southwest of Seattle. I'm so happy that they were willing to drive so far for their session. Finding a novel location in the immediate Seattle area can be a bit challenging at times, but there are tons of unique locales just outside of our little sphere.

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Los Angeles Couple Session

Adam is like a brother to me and that comes with having high expectations for his significant other. All that matters is that Kathy exceeded them. By a lot. Like, imagine LeBron James competing against a toddler in a game of one-on-one. Visualizing that? Cool. So yeah, I'm smitten with this girl, and I'm so happy that she's with Adam. Simply being in the presence of their love makes me grin from ear to ear.

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Big Ol' Travel Announcement

I said I was going to make a big announcement earlier this year, and the time has come. For four months this Fall, I’ll be traveling Europe with my boyfriend Zach! I can’t wait to be on the road, and I’m super stoked to photograph people in some ridiculously beautiful locations.

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